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October 1, 2004
Product Announcement - New Liberator 3200

Ideal Crane Corporation, Tulsa, Oklahoma is pleased to announce the introduction of the newest member of its electric crane family - the New Liberator 3200. The Liberator 3200 includes the many innovative features unique to Ideal cranes that make Ideal cranes the most reliable in the industry. These include our : " Solid state control module with arc suppression circuits that virtually eliminates the causes of electrical failures and extends the life of electrical circuits. " X O T (eXtended On Time) motor that provides longer duty cycles. " Steel on steel worm gear rotation system is stronger than bronze, provides a longer life and positive hillside load locking. " Internal magnetic anti two block switch is protected from external damage, is more reliable and has a longer life. The New Liberator 3200 comes with manual and power extension to 15 ft., an ANSI planetary winch with a permanent magnet motor and industrial grade contactor for increased reliability. Meets ANSI B30.5 and OSHA 1910.180 For more information please see the Liberator 3200 on our web site or call us directly at 1-800 622-6163.
January 12, 2004
Ideal Crane Corporation, Tulsa, OK is pleased to announce the availability of its' redesigned Liberator 6000. The Ideal Crane Liberator 6000 retains all of the performance features that made it the design leader in the industry, and a long time favorite among electric over hydraulic crane users, and now packs even more performance. It's new innovative features include :

* An improved 100% solid state electrical control system with arc suppression circuitry that virtually eliminates the causes of electrical problems and downtime in electric cranes.

* A smooth and rugged, steel on steel, worm gear rotation system.

* A new and more powerful hydraulic pump.

* An improved, more reliable, 24 volt rapid recovery power supply that actually recharges a battery while the crane is operating.

* New nonmetallic remote control with easy Quik-Turn connection.

* New lighter and lower profile design that fits more places and is available with a functional battery box pedestal mount.

The new Liberator 6000 still features Ideal Crane's exclusive POWER ARM technology for the most efficient booming in the industry.

Because of our continued focus and over 45 year commitment to building the best electric over hydraulic cranes in the industry, Ideal cranes include many unique and innovative features only available from Ideal Crane Corporation that are designed to maximize duty cycle and prevent costly breakdowns.

Further, since Ideal cranes are priced to save you hundreds of dollars, they create the greatest value in the electric over hydraulic crane industry.

Call today for information, pricing, and delivery or go to our new web site at www.idealcrane.com for even more information about Ideal Crane Corporation.




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